The Nevsky Wall

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June 22 German troops invade the Soviet Union
June 27 All able bodied civilians are ordered to work on the city’s defenses
July 3 Stalin’s belated radio address to the nation
July 5 People’s Reserve Division formed as a civilian militia
July 18 Rationing begins; bread ration – factory workers: 800gm, office workers: 600gm, dependents: 400gm
Aug 10 Evacuation plans announced for 400,000 woman and children
Aug 18 Evacuation trains bombed; thousands killed
Aug 20 All commercial stores closed
Sep 6 First aerial bombardment of the city
Sep 8 Badayev food warehouses bombed and destroyed; the blockade encircling the city is complete
Sep 18 Bread ration reduced to 500gm/300gm/250gm
Oct 14 First snowfall
Nov 7 24th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution
Nov 14 Tram service stopped; household water service cut
Nov 20 Bread ration reduced to 250gm/125gm/125gm
Nov 28 First supplies reach city across the Ladoga ice road
Dec 9 Streetcar service ends
Dec 16 Electricity to most of the city is shut off
Dec 31 Average daily temperature for Dec: 9°F
Jan 1 New Year; 5,000 Leningraders dying per day
Jan 8 Radio Leningrad, without power, falls silent
Jan 31 Average daily temperature for Jan: -4°F
Feb 22 Bread ration increased to 600gm/500gm/400gm
March 27 Massive civilian clean-up of streets and yards begins
April 15 Limited tram service is resumed within the city
June 21 One year anniversary of the war; 600,000 to 1 million Leningraders are dead
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Map of Central Leningrad

Timeline of German advance on Leningrad

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