The Nevsky Wall
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A peasant brought his sheep to court,
And claimed against her a serious objection.
A fox, as judge, would seek the crime’s detection.
The peasant said, “My lord, on visiting my yard,
I found two chickens missing, ‘twas in the morning;
Only their bones and feathers served to me a warning.
This sheep before you alone was there on guard!”
- – -
The sheep replied, “No strange event my slumbers marred,
I pray you, the evidence of neighbors don’t discard.
Against me ne’er was brought a charge of thieving
Or other crime
At any time.
As to my tasting flesh, ‘tis a notion past conceiving.”
- – -
The fox exclaimed: “I cannot accept the pleadings of this sheep,
It’s known to all that rogues are skilled to keep
Their wicked purposes from others.
It’s clear from evidence that on the given night,
Defendant held the hen-house in her sight,
And who here thinks she smothers
A secret wish for delicacies choice?
So I decide, by the law’s sacred voice,
She cannot have truthfully admitted
That hens, for her, were wholly unfitted!
Her guilt is clear, so let the peasant win;
The carcass comes to me, and he will get the skin.”

Ivan Krylov – The Peasant and the Sheep
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    With tears in her eyes, Rimes opened up in the E! News special about the intricacies of her affair with Cibrian and how painful it was for both of them.

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