The Nevsky Wall
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Chapter 2   -  Black Raven, I'm Not Dead

Vasha was finally asleep, and before Viktor left the apartment to meet his friends at the beer hall, there were a few brief minutes of intimate calm. Marina lay exhausted on the bed, sprawled on her back on the sea green coverlet and still wearing the skirt and sweater from the day’s outing. Viktor sat at the end of the bed and with his rough, wide hands rubbed first the soles and then the tops of her feet in slow circles. The pleasure on her face was tempered by his sense of concern.

“She still has the look,” he said, placing his hands on the bed.

“What ? …Viktor please, why do you do this to yourself.” Marina pulled herself up onto her elbows to look at him.

“I mention his name and that look comes over her. I start talking and I forget I’m talking about him, and by then it’s too late – she’s off in another place. Promise me, if something ever happens, you wouldn’t …”

“Ever happens? I almost lost you once, don’t forget.” She caught her voice rising and quickly returned to a near whisper. “I think I know how she feels. Your mother is coping the best way she can. We’ve talked about it … she tells me things that she can’t tell you.”

“You mean the two of you have secrets?”

“Not secrets. Things a mother can’t share with a son. Things from the heart. Your mother and I haven’t been very close until just recently. She’s a hard woman to get close to. But she’s started to talk to me about the past – not about your father, of course, not yet – and I think it helps to ease her mind.”

“I’m glad of that. I’m glad she can talk to you. Too many things are left unsaid. Sometimes I wish I was brave enough to say everything.”

“You were brave enough to marry me. I don’t think I was your mother’s first choice back then.”

“Are you serious? She’s always liked you – she just didn’t want you to know how much. ‘Marry a girl who’s smarter than you,’ she used to say. She saw that in you from the first day.”

“Well, you may not be a genius, but you do have your talents,” she said playfully.

He began to move his hand from ankle to calf in long strokes, and her leg shuddered.

“That feels … ahh,” she said, dropping her head back down to the pillow. “If you’re leaving, you’d better go now while you still have the chance.” Viktor rose, somewhat reluctantly, to leave. She reached out her hand. “Wake me when you come home … if it’s not too late.” He pulled her close and bent to kiss her.

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Chapter 2   -  Black Raven, I'm Not Dead

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