The Nevsky Wall
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Chapter 2   -  Black Raven, I'm Not Dead

Others in the hall began to sing along and soon the musicians had been drowned out by the rising chorus. Viktor’s deep voice and those of his brothers echoed through the cobbled streets and yards of the Petrograd section.

Outside the hall, the men taken by the police were hooded and their hands bound by thin wire. They were beaten, methodically and expertly, with short wooden clubs and thrown, one atop the another, into the belly of a black van. The queue of men waiting nearby took no notice.

The van flew by, almost hitting Viktor as he staggered from the hall. He cursed their mothers and spat into the gutter. Snakes, goddamned snakes! – no sense of honor or courage in any of them. No soldier, no man, could have respect for these cowards, these fucking bluecaps. He steadied himself at a lamppost until the rush of anger receded.

Taking the long way home, he once again passed the iron gates of the zoo, and he could hear the sounds of the nocturnal animals as they stirred in their cages. The soldier’s song kept playing and playing in his head, and he sang it loudly to the empty street. His voice seemed to rouse more of the animals, whose roars and bleats and shrieks became increasingly agitated as he finished the tune.

Better fly back to my country
Go to see my darling wife
Tell her, oh my dear black raven
That I’m parting with my life.

I’ve got all my final blessings
From a ball of foreign lead
Go ahead and take my heart now
Yes, black raven, now I’m dead.

Viktor tottered into a sidestreet and made his way back to the apartment. He climbed into bed, took Marina in his arms, and quickly fell asleep. Vasha, awakened by the sounds of the night, rose and went to the window, which was swung open a few inches. He quietly pulled up a chair and watched as the fog slowly extinguished the lights of the city. The low hum of aircraft caught his ear, and he felt himself lifted, floating above the buildings, as he, too, drifted into sleep.



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Chapter 2   -  Black Raven, I'm Not Dead

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